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Lady Eirene

Hello loves!  I would like to welcome all my new customers and visitors as well as welcome back all my established customers to my site.  A little bit about me ~ I live in Chicago, IL, where I was born and raised, with my wonderful husband and our two yorkies and shih-tzu puppy.  We have two amazing college students who we are very proud of and enjoy watching them turn into wonderful young adults.  We are a family run business and take great pride in helping everyone on their life paths.  Outside of work, I do live quite a normal life and spending time with my family is always my priority.  


I started seeing spirits around 5 years of age, but was discouraged from talking about it as it was seen as “not normal” lol.  I did learn to ignore my gifts for my formative years.  But, eventually I learned to accept who I was and embrace my gifts.  I didn’t share much of my gifts with others for many years as I was worried about judgement as I saw my grandmother treated for what was considered a mental illness instead of embracing her gifts and being accepted.  It has been a long journey, but we have trials on our life paths that help us become who we are currently.  


I am a medium, a channel, and an intuitive (I don’t like to use the work psychic as I feel that it is so general and overused).  I do consider myself to be an eclectic witch, which is a practitioner who blends different portions of many different paths of spirituality or magickal practices.  I know that seem so general! Basically, I blend together practices of all forms of magick into my practice and follow them intuitively in my rituals and castings.  This is a topic that one day I will make a video to better explain as it can be very complicated and not easy to understand, especially if you are new to working with a spell caster.  I do read tarot cards, but not in the traditional sense.  I use the tarot cards as cues for my readings and take off from there with only using my intuition.  I can read people and situations from messages, photos, emails and etc. 

One major aspect of readings and intuition that is highly misunderstood is that nobody is given all the answers and all the information for their lives!  I know this can be disappointing, but we are all here to learn our life lessons and if we are given all the answers, then how do we learn?  We are meant to go through trials and tribulations in our lives so that we can learn and progress through our spiritual and life journey.  Readings are simply to be used as direction and information that we need at that time.  


Am I right all the time? No, lol!  Nobody is right all time, it is impossible.  We make decisions every single day that change the outcomes of situations in our lives or keep us on our path.  Some get stuck on the wrong path because it is what they want, but not what is meant to be (this is widely common).  


I do not sugarcoat anything as I feel that is does not help you find your way on your path.  I am upfront about all situations that are presented to me and if a situation is hopeless or just not going to go the way you want it to, I am going to tell you and not waste your money!  


This is a NO JUDGEMENT zone!  It is not my position to judge anyone’s life or the decisions they make in their life as it is my calling to help you on your path only.  In addition to this, I am a firm believer that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones!  I have made my fair share and then some of mistakes in my life as most of us have.  Nobody is without sin and nobody is without guilt in their lives.  We are all just trying to find our happiness! 


I do look forward to working with you and helping you down your path even if it is for a short period of time. 

White Witch Daena

Hi my name is Daena and I am a white magick generational witch. I am a sixth generation generational witch and I often use the power of my ancestors to cast spells. I cast alongside my mother Lady Eirene. 


My passion for magick started because I love being able to help people and bring them happiness and peace and I have found that I am about to achieve that through witchcraft and healings.  I am so grateful to be able to work to assist you. 


Many Blessings, 


Lady Matilda

Blessings! My name is Lady Matilda. I grew up having intuitive dreams, but after a frightening experience, I shut down. I was always curious about alternative healing and the "magickal" side of life and studied Reiki, becoming a Karuna Reiki master. After giving my first session, I began receiving messages and have never looked back. I have also studied under these amazing witches and love helping others in whatever way Spirit leads.