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Break Up Spell Casted by Lady Eirene

Break Up Spell Casted by Lady Eirene

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Hello LOVES! This spell is one of my more expensive spells because it includes a short reading to verify facts given by you.  I WILL NOT break up a happy relationship or marriage because you want to be with someone!! This spell is specifically for those effected by a cheating partner or a homewrecker that has come into your life and has caused havoc in your life.   Has someone lured your partner away from your relationship?  Has someone set their intentions on being with your partner despite them being in a committed relationship?  This spell is for you!  


This spell is customized to your specific situation!  You will need information on both people in the relationship including name, DOB and a picture if available.  General information about the situation is also required.  The reading is done prior to the spell being cast to confirm that you are not the homewrecker trying to get the person you want!  There are NO REFUNDS if you are not truthful upfront about the situation and your role in the situation.  


Contact me prior to ordering this spell!


As with all my spells, you will receive a photo of the spell once cast.


I look forward to working with you.  Thank you for allowing me to help you on your life path!