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Cosmic Light Codes ~ Remote Session with Nadine

Cosmic Light Codes ~ Remote Session with Nadine


Hi lovely soul! This is Nadine and welcome to my corner! I am an intuitive channel of the Light and I am gifted with helping people release what’s holding them back from their authentic self-expression, as each of us is an individual spark of the Divine.



In this session, I will be facilitating your healing remotely by intuitively tuning into your energy field, see what you are now ready to release, and work with the Light/Source from there.

This is a distant healing session, meaning that there will be no meeting, offline or online, and the only thing that you will need to do is provide your full name and date of birth.



If you want to resolve a specific issue, please reach out before booking to assess the situation, or if you have any questions, using the contact form on the website. If you book directly, I will assume you want an intuitive session. I do recommend new clients get an intuitive session for the first time.



You will receive a written report about your session on the scheduled day highlighting what came through to be healed/released, messages from Spirit and some guidance. Every session is different so every report will be unique to the person. Finally, I will pull an oracle card for additional messages from Spirit that will also be included in the report.

*** I do NOT facilitate healing without the person's consent *** 


May you be guided by the Light wherever you go~


Many blessings,