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Dominance Spell

Dominance Spell


Hi LOVES!  This is a HUGELY requested spell that I am finally adding to the shop.  The dominance spell will NOT make someone your slave!  The dominance spell will assist you with an overbearing partner or a partner who doesn't listen to your wants and desires.  Do you want your partner home more often and spending time with you?  Yes, then this spell will help you.  This spell is not a cure or drug or alcohol abuse, nor is it a cure for a psychological disorder.  This spell will help you get what you want easier from your partner.  


You HAVE to be in a relationship with the person for this spell to work or at the very least involved with this person for this spell to work.  While all spells typically show small movement in 2 to 3 weeks and grow from there, please note that some circumstances can take longer and require more spells.  For example, if your ex is with someone and you want them to break up and him to come back to you, that will take more than one spell.  This is assuming that you two are still in close communication!  If the person you are dealing with is an extremely difficult person or stubborn person, you will need more than one casting and I urge you to purchase the double casting at the same time.  


** This is NOT designed to be a BDSM spell 


If you have any questions, please contact me first.  All spells require the name and date of birth of all parties involved as well as a bit of information of the desired outcome so that the spell can be customized.  


I look forward to working with you!! 



Also, please check the shop information section for daily updates and for answers to frequently asked questions.