Hello Loves!

Get the Karma You Deserve Black Magick Spell

Get the Karma You Deserve Black Magick Spell


Hi Loves!  This is the darker side of the white magick version of the karma spell.  If someone has done you wrong, wrong, wrong and you are at your end with them and just can't even anymore.....this is your answer!  Have you turned your cheek, taken the high road, tried to look the other way and your patience is thin.....this is your answer.  This black magick karma spell brings karma around full circle!  Sit back and watch the show once this spell manifests!  


Please contact me with any questions!


As with all my spells, you will receive a photo of the spell once cast.


I look forward to working with you soon.  Thank you for allowing me to walk down this part of your life path with you.