Hello Loves!

Lover's Knot Spell

Lover's Knot Spell


Hi loves!  This is an old, old spell that I have updated a bit with my own twist, lol!  This spell is more meant for current lovers, recent lovers and etc.  This will not bring an ex back from months ago.  This will bring in someone you have been going back and forth with, dating on and off, dating and want to make things serious and etc.  Contact me with questions if this spell is for you. 


This is NOT a candle spell! 


If you want this spell shipped to you after casting, let me know and we will work it out.  It does not need to be shipped, but some may want to have it on hand.  In order to break the spell, the knot must be untied!  If the knot is not shipped out to you, it goes into a box of knots that I have stored away.  


This spell is such a classic spell that witches cast, but I am excited to add my own twist to it, lol.