Hello Loves!

Lust Spell Double Cast by Lady Eirene and Daena

Lust Spell Double Cast by Lady Eirene and Daena

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Hi LOVES!  Need I say more than the title? Let's start with what this spell will NOT do!  This spell will NOT make someone fall in love with you.  I am not saying that love cannot come out of the results of the spell, I am saying that love is NOT what this spell is about!  This spell WILL bring LUST, LONGING, DESIRE, ANTICIPATION and many other feelings related to intimacy!  


This spell can be cast for new relationships, long-term relationships that need rekindling, relationships that are in a rut and many other scenarios that you can think of!  This is a fun spell to have cast and brings great hot results.  


As with all my spells, you will receive a photo of the spell once cast.  


This spell is customized to your unique situation.  I look forward to working with you soon!