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Truth Spell  Double Cast by Lady Eirene and Daena

Truth Spell Double Cast by Lady Eirene and Daena

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Hello Loves!  When that gut feeling tells you that something is not quite right, here is the chance to know the truth!  We all have had people in our lives that we know are either lying by omission, changing a story up or just flat out lying!  Here is your chance to get down to the bottom of the real story and hear the truth.   Is he or she cheating?  Where were they really? How do they feel about you?  Did they steal something from you?  There are unlimited uses for this spell.


If you are new to my services, you will learn that I don't mind sharing my personal experiences with my own work!  I have everyday problems like everyone else.  I have used this spell personally before and I did get results with the truth being told to me.  I will say that it hurt and it was shocking, but in the end I was glad that I found out and made changes to my life that I felt were necessary to move forward and be happy.  


This spell can be ordered in combination with other spells to help resolve your relationship issues and get your relationship back on track.  Contact me prior to ordering if this is something you are interested in.


As with all my spells, you will receive a photo of the spell once cast.