Hello Loves!

Vinegar Jar Spell ~ Sour Jar Spell

Vinegar Jar Spell ~ Sour Jar Spell


Hi loves!  I hope you are as excited as I am about this offering.  This jar spell is very versatile as it can be used to sour a relationship, sour a situation or hex someone.  **** Double casting for $9.99 is not an option with this item.


The casting of this spell does include the use of several candles that are burned on top of the jar, which you will receive a photo of.  The candles are burned one at a time throughout a number of days.  There is a lot of energy and time that goes into casting this spell and that is why it is priced higher than my other spells.  


Reach out with any questions prior to ordering please.  This WILL NOT be cast for petty situations and is to be taken VERY seriously!!  Yes, you will have to give me details of the situation prior to casting.  Yes, I have the right to refuse casting this for you.  You will need names and dates of birth for the casting.